1. The renter interested in renting the apartment for tourist purposes, as described above, is required to send by mail at or by fax at +39 055 282769  this contract signed on each page, indicating all the people staying at the property (including children and babies). It is absolutely forbidden to bring pets in the property.

If the lessor, interested in the renting, sends this signed contract back at the client by e-mail, the client must proceed with the next steps (see paragraph 7).

  1. The rent will begin on the day of arrival until the day of departure, ending without the need for any notification.
  2. The property rent is given only for tourist purposes, excluding any other purpose.
  3. The lessor, cannot sub rent, or give part of the apartment to other people.
  4. The rent –after both side considered the location and the general conditions of the apartment – can vary depending on the renting period, the final cleaning is a fix cost 120,00 € as indicated on paragraph 20, the price is for apartment and include the services listed in the offer.

Consumptions are included in the price only for short period bookings, for long periods booking, consumptions are calculated separately,  how described in the apartment details.

  1. Extra guests (extra those listed on paragraph 1) authorized from the lessor, will have to pay an extra tax ( 50€) per person, per day.
  2.  50% of the rent has to be transfer immediately, at the conclusion of the contract by bank transfer. After receiving the amount, the lessor will send a confirmation email. The remaining 50% has to be transfer until 30 days before the arrival date. If the booking has done from less than 30 days before the arrival date, the amount has to be sent (100%) with a unique total bank transfer. If the payment hasn’t be done in the ways over described, the contract can’t be considered conclude.
  3. All travel documents, address, and the indications how to reach us, will be sent by email after the receipt of full payment.
  4. If the lessor didn’t receive the payment, 4 days after the booking confirmation, the lessor has the right to ask for a penalty as below:

No penalty for cancellations before 60 days from the arrival date.

Between 59 and 31 days before the arrival date, 70% penalty.

Cancellations from 30 days before the arrival date 100% penalty

Cancellations have to be done in written form (letter or fax)

  1. The renter has no right to give the name of a substitute – it is possible only on the lessor’s  approval – the substitute will assume all the responsibilities of the original renter. The down payment , payments or caution deposit done by the original renter will be not returned back.  The lessor has to be informed immediately about the new renter and receive all his details (name, surname, date of birth, nationality, identification document)
  2. There won’t be any discount in case of the number of people staying in the property will be less than the total informed at the beginning.
  3. In case of changes ( like change of the renter name on the contract) the owner can ask for 50,00 € tax
  4. We recommend to the renter to do a personal insurance to cover the cancellation costs
  5. The renter is responsible for damages cause to the apartment and/or to people caused by himself or from other people. The lessor is not responsible for damages or problems with light, gas, water, adsl or Wi-Wi, air conditioning or heating. The lessor is not responsible for accidents to the renter or other people in the apartments. The lessor is not responsible for losses of personal objects or damages suffered from the renter or other people in the apartment.
  6.  The renter declare to have seen the apartment on our website and to accept it as it is, taking the keys and taking care of it.
  7. The renter agrees to return rented apartment in the same state in which it was received, otherwise a penalty will be charged. You agree to respect the rules of the apartment if there are any. It is forbidden  for the renter in any case to perform acts which may cause disturbance to the other inhabitants of the apartment.
  8. The tenant may not make any changes, innovations, improvements or additions to the apartments or the areas they can use.
  9. To ensure all of the statements of this contract, the renter pays to the lessor on the arrival date, 500,00 € as caution deposit, which will be returned at the departure date, after verification that there is no damage to the property. The amount required for damages, will be deducted from the caution deposit at the return back.
  10. The dates of arrival and departure written on the contract are bind. Requests for changes must be made in a written way and will become effective only after the lessor accepts them. The apartment will be given to the renter on the arrival date between 4.00 pm and 7 pm. If the renter arrives after 7 pm, the lessor has to be notified with a phone call (penalty 50€).  Arrives during the night or on Sundays are not possible. The renter and the other guests must leave the apartment (neat and clean) before 10.00 am on the departure day. For the final cleaning the cost is 120,00 €. The renter is obliged to keep the kitchen (including crockery and cutlery) clean. If the apartment is returned in a state which requires additional cleanings, the lessor is entitled to charge the renter an extra cost, deducting it from the caution deposit
  11. The lessor agrees to use the personal details collected only for the purpose of the booked vacation and for the customers service in accordance with privacy laws.
  12. Any changes of this contract will be approved only under/after written documents.
  13. The renter and the lessor may refer the matter to any dispute that may arise regarding the interpretation and execution of this contract, at the jurisdiction court of the city of Florence.